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Did you know?
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that the average per-employee cost of benefits for large companies accounts for 42.3 percent of payroll.

Smaller companies, those with fewer than 100 employees, spent 31.9 percent of their payroll on benefits.

What about your employees? Do they know?

Excient Inc. is a human resource technical solutions provider dedicated to delivering high quality, web-based applications with exceptional value.

Our primary product is a comprehensive solution for Online Total Compensation (OTC). OTC is an application that helps businesses communicate the total value of the pay and benefits contributed to an employee, including: salary, health and dental benefits, stock options, stock purchase, pension, bonuses, 401k, among any other possible benefits contributed to an employee.

Communicating this information is extremely valuable for companies. First, it helps employees to understand the total value of their compensation package, which is typically much higher than most employees realize. This knowledge typically leads to greater motivation and higher retention.

Second, it frees human resources, benefits and payroll staffs' time answering questions from employees regarding their benefits or compensation information — additional time that can be used to focus on strategic initiatives.

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